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It must take extraordinary courage and vision in a country where Jewish klezmer music is associated with the ethnographic museum aesthetic to create a group which, while employing the language of tradition in a country, is still looking for a contemporary sensibility. As if it were not enough that the very name of this group, the Sztetl Quartet, triggers nostalgic associations, they also turn in their repertoire to the traditional melodies and dances played at Jewish weddings. Yet, despite these powerful allusions to tradition, the Szetl Quartet is a group of the future.
The group members are musicians originating from Sejny, a village way out to the East on the Polish-Lithuanian-Belarussian border, which before the war enjoyed a reputation as a multicultural melting pot. There was a strong Jewish presence in Sejny which exudes its power up to this day. Shared experiences and a passion for Jewish music induced the musicians to establish a klezmer group. The lead instruments are clarinet and trumpet, which are in continuous dialogue with each other. The harmony/rhythm section is created by tuba and accordion. The musicians additionally often invite the participation of a percussionist, who underpins the spontaneity of their compositions. The Szetl Quartet play like a grand klezmer band sweeping the listener along on a trancelike freilach.

Piotr Janiec – tuba; Tomasz Stawiecki – clarinet; Kacper Szroeder – trumpet; Radek Polakowski – accordion; Bartek Nazaruk – percussion


from MuLaKuŻ - New Jewish Music Out of Poland, track released November 30, 2011



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